Memorial Day

First and foremost, a day to remember members of the military, particularly those who has given their lives for our freedom.

It was great to start the weekend with family with the traditional fare: hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, salads and strawberry shortcake. Thanks Kate and Co. for the picking!

Having Dylan and Danyelle join us was a special treat. Danyelle’s here for the summer, buy Dylan is attending his brother’s wedding and then will head back on Monday to Myrtle Beach, SC. Good to see you, if only a glimpse.



This is where it began: St. Andrews, Scotland, when a crazy American (of the US variety) met Paul. Was it love at first sight: probably not, but there was definite interest, a friendship, and then a marriage. After settling in Arlington, Virginia, when Paul got a job here, we moved to with only $700 to our names, and rented a lovely little house in Arlington, still standing, where we began our working lives, and then our family.

Kate came first, our experimental child — that is we learned parenting on the job using Kate as the test subject, and liked her enough that Jean, David, and Anna arrived in rapid succession. They’ve all grown into people we like, with spouses and children we’re pretty fond of too. They have all made their lives in different places, and found friends and communities that they enjoy. Life is good.

This blog is a safe place to post information within the family. Facebook can be questionable, and perhaps even unsafe for photo posts of young children. We can also say here things we might not want to put on Facebook.

Anna and I will help with your questions about how to post, but WordPress is user friendly, and once a family member logs on he or she only has to choose Add a Post, insert photos if you want, and share/publish what you wish.  We’ll all get better as it progresses — hoping it does.